Our Story

There are only two rules at Flatstick Pub: drink local and have fun.

Flatstick was inspired by an idea to create a casual beer focused pub that featured a unique and challenging miniature golf course. We’re passionate about craft beer and supporting our community. From day 1 we have only offered beer from independent breweries located here in the great state of Washington. You’ll never find corporate beer here.

We love to have fun, drink beer, and play games. In addition to mini golf you’ll find original golf themed games invented by us at Flatstick. Duffleboard™, Wickets™, and Pockets™ are three of our new creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Who knows what we’ll come up with next.

Whatever brings you in: first date, delicious beer, team building event, adult birthday party, watching sports, happy hour, or to challenge your friends at a game, our goal is to provide a place where everyone feels welcome to relax and have a great time.


Mini Golf

Come test your putting skills on some of the most creative courses around. Each pub features fun and skill-enhancing courses unique to each location which will be sure to have you coming back for more.


Duffleboard™ was our first original game invented by Flatstick Pub. It is a tabletop golf game where you take a custom handheld putter and have one shot to get it into the hole. It has just the right balance of fun and challenging for all skill levels.

‘stick putt!™

Our ‘stick putt!™ game puts your putter skills to the test with this skee-ball style setup. Challenge yourself or a friend as you putt your way to a high score by aiming at multiple holes worth different points.

Ball Jockey™

Harness your inner air hockey skills in our one-of-a-kind Ball Jockey™ game arcade right here at Flatstick Pub! We provide everything you need to challenge a friend as you rack up the points by using our custom handheld “pushers” and hitting one (or two) golf balls into two goals located on each corner of our specialized tables.


Yet another challenge to take on while you are at Flatstick, Pockets was designed as a mini golf and pool collaboration! A custom platform for the Bellingham Pub, your objective is to be the first player to putt all six balls into all six pockets, and then sink the 8-ball!


We loved Duffleboard so much, we decided to bring you Dufflepong! Dufflepong is the perfect mix between Duffleboard and Beer Pong. It’s easy to learn and quick to play! Cost is free and available on a first come first serve basis!


Be the first player to navigate through all the gates and hit the RED flag! From the starting point, hit your ball through Gate 1 in the direction indicated. If you make it through the gate, you get a bonus shot. Otherwise, the turn is over. The next player follows and turns rotate until there is a winner! If you hit another player’s ball, you get 1 BONUS shot. You may use the bonus shot to hit their ball or your own. If at any time your ball hits the BLACK flag pole, you go back to the start. If your ball hits the RED flag pole, you get 2 bonus shots. Have fun!