Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 31st | 7pm

The Haunted Halloween BOOze Cruise

Flatstick Pub | South Lake Union


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, the funnest, spookiest, most Monster Mashin’ of a good time, Flatstick Pub’s Haunted Halloween BOOze Cruise!

If you’re reading this, it means Halloween is most likely your favorite holiday, and if it’s not, it’s definitely Top 2. And if neither applies to you, this event will change your mind!

Halloween is on a Thursday this year, and while that might discourage your meager Trick or Treaters, us MONSTERS will be partying the night away on a “haunted” Argosy Cruise ship, the GOOD TIME II!

Rumor has it, the first GOOD TIME vessel had too good of a time after the witchy Sanderson Sisters boarded the ship and put a spell on all the passengers to dance without end! Weary sailors say if you listen closely while sailing around Lake Union, you can hear the faint sound of party music and people enjoying themselves to death…

In the SPIRIT of the first GOOD TIME, join us and party the night away!

Every Sunday | All day

Sunday Fundraise

All locations

Throughout 2018, Flatstick Pub dedicated a portion of its sales on Sundays to different local charities. We were able to raise over $120,000 for 11 charities! With high hopes to benefit more nonprofit organizations in 2019, Flatstick Pub will continue to donate $2 for every beer and every round of mini golf purchased on Sundays to three different charities chosen by each of our three locations.

Have fun and help make a difference each Sunday by simply playing mini golf or buying a beer!

For more information on the local charities we are supporting this Month, click the links below.

Kirkland | Child’s Play
Pioneer Square | Marys Place
South Lake Union | Sea Mar Community Health Center

January 2020

The 2nd Annual Tournament of Champions

All locations!

The first Tournament of Champions was filled with fierce competition, suspense, drama, beer, and victory. We crowned our first ever Champion of Champions and immediately asked ourselves, ‘How do we top this??’

We think we have found the answer: more tournaments, more champions, more competition! This year, the 2nd Annual Tournament of Champions will include more qualifying events at each of our Flatstick Pubs. And our beloved Duffleboard will enter into the competition! View our list of QUALIFYING EVENTS by following the link below!

For those new to this event, the Tournament of Champions (ToC) is an invite-only tournament played by the Champions of various tournaments and competitions throughout the previous year. The ToC is a one-day competition with a round taking place at several of our Flatstick Pub locations. Participating Champions are transported from one pub to the next with drinks and food provided and an after-party at the end. It is an event truly fit for Flatstick Championship Royalty.